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National Parks Senior Pass By Mail Now Available

The National Parks Senior Pass can now be obtained through mail. While the Senior Pass will still be available for purchase at National Parks, the National Parks Service realises that getting the Senior Pass by mail may be a more convenient option for many seniors. The National Parks Senior Pass is available to those who are citizens and/or permanent residents of the United States and are age 62 or older. The National Parks Senior Pass is good for the lifetime … Continue reading

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Moonrise at Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument

As I was driving in to see the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument (about 1 mile from where the Gila Cliff Dwellings are located), I noticed that the moon was reflecting brightly in the daytime sky and I managed to get this shot of it. I wish I were a better photographer because even though I like this photo, it doesn’t do justice to actually being there. It’s always exciting when I come across these beautiful scenes that stop me … Continue reading

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Johnstown, Pennsylvania National Park Inspired Music

(Photo courtesy of NPS) I love that the parks in the National Parks system are able to inspire incredible art. Most of the time we see this with our eyes in photographs, paintings or sculpture. Less often do we think about the music that the National Parks inspire, but the National Parks certainly do this as well. Angela Easterling’s song Johnstown, Pennsylvania was inspired by a trip to the Johnstown Flood National Memorial. I’ll let her describe how her song … Continue reading

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Biking White Rim Road Canyonlands National Park

By Kristen Lummis (enjoy her blog Brave Ski Mom, like her on facebook or follow her on twitter @BraveSkiMom) We were partway up the Schafer Wall along the 100 mile White Rim Road in Canyonlands National Park. It was our third day of mountain biking and our 11 year-old son was exhausted. When we’d started out two days earlier from the Mineral Bottom staging area, we were a group of three families, clean, shiny and enthusiastic. A motley bunch, we … Continue reading

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Fighting Rattle Snakes Saguaro National Park

I love it when I stumble upon little video gems of wildlife in our National Parks. Here a pair of western diamond back rattlesnakes are captured fighting for dominance in the Saguaro National Park, something that most visitors to the park are not likely to see.

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Park Avenue Trail Hike Arches National Park

To the left of the Park Avenue Viewpoint at Arches National Park there is a medium steep trail that is the beginning of the Park Avenue trail hike. Even if you aren’t really into hiking, it’s worthwhile to hike down the trail steps to the bottom if you are physically able. While the steps are a little steep, you get an entirely new (and gorgeous) view of Park Avenue from the bottom compared to the viewpoint at the top. If … Continue reading

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Tightrope Over Yosemite Falls

I was looking at some videos of national parks when I stumbled across this video of a German man who apparently decided that it would be a good idea to tightrope across the top of Upper Yosemite Falls a couple of summers ago. Luckily he had the sanity to place a safety line to the tightrope which he ended up needing. Even with the safety line, my teeth were clinched the entire time watching this…

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National Park Free Days 2012

Update: The national park service has announced National Park Free Days 2013 Many people don’t realize that most parks within the National Parks system don’t charge any entrance fee at all. That being said, some of the most popular National Parks do charge entrance fees. While these fees are applicable most times of the year, National Parks, National Monuments, National Recreation Areas, National Preserves, National Seashores and National Lakes designate several times a year when they offer free access days. … Continue reading

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Visiting Zion National Park

Submitted by: sylvia Impressions: It felt like we had traveled to the bottom of the Grand Canyon as we weaved in and out to the bottom! Tips: Be prepared to be WOW’d! Must-sees: Definitely experience the whole drive through Zion National Park. Sylvia also had this to say: It was my first time out west ( virginian here) and the one thing that I had not counted on was how fast the elevations changed. I knew it was high elevations, … Continue reading

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Top 10 National Parks

I received an email asking me what are the top 10 most popular National Parks? The answer, of course, depends on how you define “popular” when it comes to National Parks. First, I’m making the assumption that the question is what are the top 10 US National Parks and not what are the top 10 National Parks in the world. In trying to come up with a list, it becomes pretty subjective as everybody has their own favorite parks. Possibly … Continue reading

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