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Pinnacles Overlook Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park is much more than just Crater Lake. For those that want to see more than Crater Lake when visiting Crater Lake National Park, it’s definitely worthwhile driving Pinnacles Road (off of East Rim Drive) to take the new Plaikni Falls Trail to Plaikni Falls. Once done, definitely keep going down Pinnacles Road (about another 6 miles) until you reach Pinnacles Overlook: The Pinnacles are a collection of 100-foot-tall (30-meter) spires which have been created as the … Continue reading

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Humpback Chub Grand Canyon National Park Rafting

The Humpback Chub is a bottom feeder fish that thrived in the warm waters of the Colorado River before Glen Canyon Dam was built and turned the Colorado River into a much colder river that it is today. It was declared endangered in 1967 and has one of its last strongholds in the Little Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park. Since the Humpback Chub is protected from fishing, it has learned to recognize the bottoms of the river rafts … Continue reading

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National Park Fees List

What is not commonly known is that the vast majority of the nearly 400 parks in the National Parks system do not charge any entrance fee at all. Of those that do charge an entrance fee, there is usually a fee per car and or a fee per individual entering the National Park. The following is a list of all the parks in the National Parks system that usually charge a fee to gain entrance to the park. The parks … Continue reading

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Motor Fire Yosemite National Park: First Hand Account & Photos

There has been a fire nicknamed the Motor Fire (because it started when a motorhome caught on fire. The motorhome ended up catching the roadside foliage on fire which spread out of control into the current fire) burning just outside Yosemite National Park which has closed down highway 140 (the main entrance into Yosemite). I happened to drive through Yosemite today coming in from highway 120. The entire ride up you could see forest fire haze hanging in the air … Continue reading

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Lassen National Park Photo Contest

Get those photos out from your recent visit to Lassen Volcanic National Park (or head out to the park right away) Lassen Volcanic National Park is having a photo contest that is ending quite soon (entry deadline is September 9) to select the image which will grace the 2012 Lassen Volcanic Annual Pass. The rules are pretty straight forward and simple: 1. Photos have to show some aspect of Lassen Volcanic National Park. 2. Photo entries must be submitted no … Continue reading

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Bumpass Hell Lassen Volcanic National Park

The reward for hiking the Bumpass Hell trail at Lassen Volcanic National Park is reaching Bumpass Hell. If you enjoy hydrothermal activity, you will definitely enjoy the mudpots and fumaroles that Bumpass Hell has to offer. As you come off the Bumpass Hell trail, you round a corner and get a grand view of the hydrothermal activity and a beautuful turqoise pool as your first glimpse of what is to come: You also get the first whiffs of the sulfur … Continue reading

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Limekiln Beach Limekiln State Park California

After hiking to Limekiln Falls and to the historic lime kilns, it’s also worthwhile visiting Limekiln State Beach at Limekiln State Park (CA). The beach is at the other end of the parking lot as the hiking trails (easily seen from the parking lot). You cross a small bridge over Limekiln Creek and enter the Limekiln beach campground. The Limekiln beach is at the far end of the campground just beyond a huge bridge that carries cars across the Limekiln … Continue reading

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Manzanita Tree Mount Diablo State Park California

I am far from an expert photographer, but I do enjoy taking photos when I am wandering national and state parks. Every once in awhile I take a photo that I do like that seems to stand out from the rest. This is a photo I took at Mount Diablo State Park (CA) of a Manzanita tree. There are plenty of Manzanita trees at Mount Diablo and the way that their trunks curve and twist allow you to get some … Continue reading

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Turquoise Mineral Pools Little Colorado River Grand Canyon National Park Rafting

The Little Colorado River is a breathtaking turquoise color due to the alkaline and minerals content of the water. In addition to creating the wonderful color of the Little Colorado River, the minerals settle in the Little Colorado River channel to create pools which the river cascades over on its way down the canyon: The turquoise waters of the Little Colorado River cascading over these mineral deposit pools makes it look like you have left Grand Canyon National Park and … Continue reading

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American Samoa National Park Photos

I’m hoping to make it to all the National Parks over the next few years. While I know about the vast majority of them, there are a few that I have no idea what they may look like. One of these is American Samoa National Park, but after seeing some of the photos taken at American Samoa, I can’t wait to eventually get there: View from Mount Alava at American Samoa National Park: Courtesy of Naomi T Palm Tree & … Continue reading

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