New York 9/11 Fireman Visits All 397 National Parks

I have to admit that visiting all 397 (hopefully more by the time I complete it) national parks is a secret goal I have. I’m not sure if I will ultimately be able to accomplish it, but it always gives me hope when I come across stories like this.

Yesterday Girard Owens, a retired New York fire department lieutenant who was a fireman during 9/11 managed to visit his 397th national park — and chose it to be the Statue of Liberty on the 11th anniversary of the World Trade center terrorist attack. One of the aspects of his journey that I liked the most is that his family didn’t even realize that he was on a quest to accomplish this noteworthy feat. Below is a photo of him with his son and daughter pressing the last stamp into his book and a short video of him during his visit to the Statue of Liberty:

397 national park stamps