Red Canyon Overlook Colorado National Monument

Next to Columbus Canyon (which can be seen from Cold Shivers Point) at Colorado National Monument is Red Canyon. You can get a wonderful view of Red Canyon from Red Canyon Overlook:

Red Canyon at Colorado National Monument

view of the double canyon at Red Canyon in Colorado National Monument

Red Canyon is also interesting because it is actually a canyon within a canyon. It’s described as such at the information sign overlooking the canyon:

Canyon in a Canyon

Red Canyon is really two canyons. Most obvious is the broad U-shaped canyon with the tall sandstone walls. But notice the smaller V-shaped cut in the middle of the canyon floor. Water has begun to carve into the hard metamorphic bedrock, but this old, pressure-treated and tempered rock wears away much more slowly than the fragile sedimentary canyon walls. By the time the small canyon reaches the depth of the large one, all of the sedimentary layers above it will probably be gone.

Cold Shivers Point Colorado National Monument

Some things are so tantalizingly named that I have no doubt that I am going to have to stop and take a look at them no matter what. That was certainly the case when I saw the name Cold Shivers Point on my map. While I’m not sure how Cold Shivers Point got its name, my guess is that it came from the chill that you get while peering over the edge of Columbus Canyon which drops 2,000 feet. It’s certainly a grand preview of what’s to come when visiting Colorado National Monument:

looking over the edge at Cold Shivers Point at Colorado National Monument

view from Cold Shivers Point in Colorado National Monument

view toward Grand Junction from Cold Shivers Point at Colorado National Monument

Cold Shivers Point is a wheel chair accessible overlook along Rim Rock Drive. If you enter Colorado National Monument from the East (Grand Junction) entrance, it will be the first of many overlooks that you will be able to see. It’s certainly worth the few minutes it takes to stop and walk out to the canyon’s edge.