Ute Rock Art Arches National Park

As people hurry to make their way to the ever popular Delicate Arch at Arches National Park, they often skip a short quarter mile loop on the left near the beginning of the Delicate Arch trail that takes hikers to some beautiful Ute rock art:

Ute rock art Arches national park

Ute rock art big horn sheep Arches national park

This is what the information sign at the rock art says:

The stylized horse and rider surrounded by bighorn sheep and dog-like animals is typical of Ute rock art, Carved sometime between A.D. 1650 and 1850, these petroglyphs are visible along the vertical wall ahead,

Today, this rock art panel is important to many Native Americans of this region because it was created by their ancestors. Help protect the rock art by not touching it. Oils from your skin hasten deterioration of these fragile and irreplaceable cultural resources.

It’s a huge mistake to skip this little gem because you are too focused on making your way up to Delicate Arch. It really isn’t much of a hike and is well worth making the short detour.