Partition Arch Devils Garden Arches National Park

After reaching Landscape Arch along the Devils Garden trail at Arches National Park, the trail becomes a lot more difficult. It isn’t anything that a fit hiker can’t do, but those with mobility issues will have trouble as there is some scrambling necessary to get up parts of the trail. Despite the difficulty of the trail from this point, it’s well worth continuing to see some other magnificent arches along the trail. The first side trail you will reach after Landscape Arch will take you to Partition Arch and Navajo Arch.

The side trail to Partition Arch has a small pine tree that has inexplicably decided to grow in the middle of the trail. Those not wanting to see it trampled have placed rocks around it to help protect it:

partition arch trail pine

Not much further on you reach a rock wall to your left that you will follow until you reach Partition Arch:

partition arch trail

At the end of the rock wall you will reach Partition Arch which will make you stop in your tracks and gawk for a bit (it’s actually fun to sit on some rocks and watch the reaction people have when they reach the arch). Partition Arch gives a beautiful window view of the landscape below with a smaller window arch to the right:

partition arch

partition arch arches national park

Partition Arch Devils Garden trail

It’s a perfect place to stop for a short rest and simply bask in the beauty all around. It’s definitely one of the arches to make sure to visit if you decide to hike the entire Devils Garden trail.