Gray Whale Skull Point Reyes Lighthouse

After passing the wind swept trees on your way to Point Reyes Lighthouse at Point Reyes National Seashore, you will reach the Point Reyes Lighthouse Visitors Center. Just outside the visitors center to the left is a gray whale skull:

Gray Whale Skull Point Reyes Lighthouse National Seashore

Along with some other gray whale bones:

Whale bones at Point Reyes Lighthouse

The skull and bones are well weathered as they are outside and not protected from the elements, but you have the chance to see the skull up close and touch the bones if you wish. Definitely worth stopping to investigate before or after you hit the Point Reyes lighthouse.

Wind Swept Trees Point Reyes Lighthouse

Once you begin walking up the road toward Point Reyes Lighthouse, you have about a half mile hike before you reach the lighthouse. There are several benches along the side of the road where you can rest and get a slightly different perspective on the view of Point Reyes Beach at Point Reyes National Seashore. About half way through the hike you will come to about 5 trees that have been shaped and twisted by the wind:

View of Point Reyes Beach through tree

I think most people walk briskly by these trees because they are so excited to get to the Point Reyes lighthouse, but I think that the trees provide a great photographic opportunity for those that spend a bit of time there, especially with Point Reyes beach in the background:

Point Reyes lighthouse wind swept tree

Even after passing the trees, they still provide some interesting photo shots.

Rocks and trees Point Reyes Lighthouse National Seashore