Living Tree Stump: Rogue River Gorge

One of the things I enjoy most about stopping and wandering in new areas I know little about are the unexpected finds. While returning from Crater Lake National Park (OR), I stopped to see the Rogue River Gorge (part of Rogue River – Siskiyou National Forest) to find a living tree stump:

living tree stump at Rogue River Gorge

So, how does a tree stump heal itself and survive after the tree has been cut down? An informational sign explains:

The Living Stump

Here on the flat surface of the lava flow, away from the Gorge wall, the trees live as a group rather than as individuals. The roots of these Douglas-firs have grown together, providing each other with nutrients and water. Before it was cut, the roots of this tree had grafted onto those of a neighbor. because of this, the stump continues to live

Explanation of how the living tree stump is able to survive

One of the greatest aspects of our National Parks is their ability to show us how the impossible is possible in nature.