Mother and Baby Whale Die in Fishermen Nets in Machala National Park Ecuador Video

This is simply tragic. A mother and baby whale are trapped in fish nets (if you look closely, at 1:39 in the video you can see the nets underneath the whales as a lighter white/green color) which ended up causing their deaths. Other whales in the area are seen trying to free them. The men operating the boat didn’t want to free the whales because it would have destroyed the fishing nets:

This is the description from the video:

This video shows a mother and a baby humpback whale trapped in fishermen nets in Puerto Lopez in Ecuador. You will notice a group of larger male humpback whales trying to break the mother and baby free. The video was filmed on a boat from the Machala National Park for tourists that wanted to see the whales. The guides who work for the Ecuadorian National Parks and Ministry of Environment did not want to set the whales free because it would destroy the costly fishermen nets. The mother and baby whale died three days later.