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National Park Anti-Graffiti Sign

One of the things that distresses me when visiting the National Parks is that is seems that more and more people find it necessary to leave their name inside the National Parks. I’m not sure why people feel the need to deface these natural wonders — what is it that makes people think that it’s a good idea to spray paint or carve their name into the rocks at National Parks? It saddens me to no end that signs like … Continue reading

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National Parks Wishing Everyone Happy Holidays

The national Parks want to wish you a very happy holiday season and are coming out with a series of holiday videos which started yesterday and will continue with a new video each day through the rest of December on their Youtube Channel. Todays happens to be a bunch of excited dog sled puppies at Denali National Park and Preserve — how can you go wrong with that? Watch and enjoy: This is the national parks holiday video schedule for … Continue reading

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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Art

As I have mentioned previously, I love the way that National Parks are able to inspire those that visit them. While each person takes something special away when they visit a National park, artists sometimes use the inspriation to create works that can be shared with all of us. Mary C Nasser was able to find inspiration at Petrified Forest National Park, but that was not the only National Park which has inspired her work. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has … Continue reading

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