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Rare California Pitcher Plant Bog Smith River National Recreation Area

I love finding wonderful little gems in the National Park system. There is one of these hidden surprises at mile marker 17.9 along California highway 199 in Smith River National Recreation Area, but it’s extremely easy to miss. The entrance to a gravel parking area is only marked with a small, easy to miss, nondescript brown sign at the side of the road which says “Botanical Trail.” To the left side of the parking area is the trail head to … Continue reading

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Partition Arch Devils Garden Arches National Park

After reaching Landscape Arch along the Devils Garden trail at Arches National Park, the trail becomes a lot more difficult. It isn’t anything that a fit hiker can’t do, but those with mobility issues will have trouble as there is some scrambling necessary to get up parts of the trail. Despite the difficulty of the trail from this point, it’s well worth continuing to see some other magnificent arches along the trail. The first side trail you will reach after … Continue reading

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South Downs Way at South Downs National Park (England)

Britain’s newest National Park, the South Downs National Park, was granted National Park Status in April 2011 and it wasn’t a minute too soon. So beautiful are the 1627 square kilometres within the park that people who live in the area have been wondering for years why it had not already been accorded the title and protections. The South Downs National Park reaches East to Eastbourne all the way through to Winchester to the West, and takes in the stunning … Continue reading

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Hiking in the Lake District National Park (England)

England’s Lake District National Park might be the most picturesque hiking destination in the UK. It’s got everything a hiker could hope to find in the great British outdoors- craggy mountain peaks, beautiful lakes stretching off into the distance, ancient stone circles, wild deer roaming the hillsides, ruined castles, and a scattering of excellent traditional pubs. If you’re familiar with Wordsworth’s poem ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud…’ you’ve already heard about the Lake District. Wordsworth was inspired to write … Continue reading

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Point Bonita Lighthouse New Bridge Photos Golden Gate National Recreation Area

After a two year wait, people can once again visit the Point Bonita lighthouse located in Golden Gate National Recreation Area via a newly built $1 million dollar, 132-foot-long bridge which spans rocky cliffs to the lighthouse. The old bridge became unsafe and the lighthouse was closed to the public until this new span could be built. The sparkling white, narrow bridge is a much safer replica of the previous bridge and was built to withstand the high winds that … Continue reading

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Sipapu Bridge Natural Bridges National Monument

When people visit Utah, and the many national parks there, Natural Bridges National Monument often gets overlooked (I have to honestly admit that I have bypassed it a couple of times in the past in order to make my way to more famous national parks in the area). Now that I have gone, I know that I will be back to do what appears to be an absolutely breathtaking canyon hike which I didn’t have time to do this time … Continue reading

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Canyon Overlook Trail Zion National Park

One of my favorite (relatively) easy hikes (there is some steepness at the beginning and those really scared of heights won’t like the bridge — sections of the trail have rails to keep you from accidentally wandering too close to the steep edges) at Zion National Park is one that too many people miss due to its location. The Canyon Overlook trailhead is at the east end of the tunnel after leaving Zion Valley (there is a small parking lot … Continue reading

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Landscape Arch Devils Garden Arches National Park

Probably the most famous arch along the Devils Garden trail at Arches National Park is Landscape Arch. Unlike Tunnel Arch and Pine Tree Arch, Landscape Arch is on the main Devils Garden trail and there is no need to take a side trail to see it (although there is a short side trail to get a bit closer to it). It’s the longest natural bridge at Arches national park and also considered to be so in the world. While it … Continue reading

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Berry Creek Falls Big Basin Redwoods California State Park

For anyone that visits Big Basin Redwoods state park (California) and has the time, the Berry Creek Falls trail is well worth the time and effort (approx. 10 miles round trip — the park signs estimate it at 6 hours and difficult, but I would say it’s more intermediate for anyone that does a decent amount of hiking and it should take less time. I was able to complete the hike in under 5 hours with a stop for lunch … Continue reading

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Pine Tree Arch Devils Garden Arches National Park

Pine Tree Arch is an arch at the end of a side trail off the Devils Garden trail at Arches National Park. This side trail leads to both Pine Tree Arch and Tunnel Arch. Pine Tree Arch is to the left where the side trail splits, and is around a bend so can’t be readily seen. It’s a relatively short and level walk to the arch from the split (the somewhat steep hill comes before the split) so it’s definitely … Continue reading

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