Hole In The Wall Courtyard Mojave National Preserve

After passing the Petroglyphs along Rings Trail at Hole in the Wall in Mojave National Preserve (CA), you have another quarter mile before you will see the lava rock walls Hole in the Wall before you:

First look at Hole in the Wall

As you get closer to the cliffs, you will enter into a courtyard like area where the walls tower over you on three sides

courtyard like area at Hole in the Wall Mojave National Preserve

While the hike itself only takes about 45 minutes, you will want to put aside much more time so that you can explore all the interesting holes formed in the rock walls:

Holes at Hole in the Wall Mojave National Preserve

If you are into photography, you’ll want to put aside even more time as the holes can make for some interesting perspectives the more you explore:

Great opportunities for interesting photos at Hole in the Wall

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