Road To Nowhere Valley Of Fire

While I am far from a good photographer, I do enjoy taking photos as I visit various state and national parks around the country. It allows me to give you a glimpse of the beauty that is out there (although the photos never seem to do the actual scenes justice) so that you may want to visit the place one day.

I find that in additions to all the amazing places that can be accessible by hiking, often the beauty is right there next to the road. In fact, sometimes it’s the road itself (as part of the overall scene) which is part of the beauty. That is exactly the feeling I got when I came across this while driving in Valley of Fire Nevada State Park (this was driving back from White Domes back toward the visitor’s center).

road to nowhere

I actually got in trouble taking this photo. When I saw the view, I immediately pulled off to the side of the road to take it even though there really wasn’t a proper place to do so. it was one of those things that i saw and just needed to take a photo of it. A park ranger happened to be on the road and I scolded me (which he rightfully should have done). There was a parking area about a mile back and I should have parked there and hiked to get the photo. Point to remember with all the beautiful views that state and national parks provide…

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