Yovimpa Point Photos Bryce Canyon National Park

Yovimpa Point is an overlook at Bryce Canyon National Park that visitors often miss. Most people take the 15 mile road within Bryce Canyon to the end and see the signs for Rainbow Point. They immediately head straight for Rainbow Point as this is the main focal of the parking area.

There is, however, a short path that begins on the right side as you first enter the parking area (the reason that so many people miss it) which leads to Yovimpa Point. The walk is short on a paved path, so it is definitely worth making the effort to see it since you are already in the area. Yovimpa Point gives a view of Bryce Canyon on the opposite side from most of the other canyon overlooks. Here are a few photos from my recent trip there:

Yovimpa Point

Yovimpa Point Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon Yovimpa Point

Bryce Yovimpa Point

Yovimpa Point photo

Yovimpa Point view

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